Sunday, August 11, 2013

Talent to watch out for 1 - Maati Baani

YouTube has provided young musicians with a wonderful platform to showcase their talent and gain exposure and make their way towards a successful life where they could make more wonderful music. In this series which is the first series for my blog, I would be trying to showcase some musicians and singers whom I like and love very much. Hopefully my blog would help them gain some new fans.

My very first choice would be Maati Baani which would translate to Mitti ki Boli or Sound of Soil rustic and folk and fusion music. Maati Baani collaborates with different singers and record songs with them .. it all comes together very beautifully .. Maati Baani has Nirali Karthik - Vocals and Karthik Shah - Instruments .. they would always be more singers and musicians but as per my knowledge they are the main members of the group. now without further ado let's listen to the awesome group:

Banjara - Maatibaani ft. Mooralala Marwada

Tore Matware Naina - Maatibaani feat. JoyShanti

Mitwa - Maati Baani feat. Swaroop Khan

Baawariya - Maatibaani feat. Shankar Tucker

These are just few wonderful songs available on their youtube channel - Maatibaani do check and subscribe and listen to their wonderful work. As usual I do not mean to infringe on anyone's copyright work just want to help spread the word. hopefully this series will continue for a very long time.

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